• All regulations will be enforced
  • All traffic signs and signals will be obeyed
  • Speed limits will be obeyed
  • Parking is designated area only; no parking on scale
  • All vehicles must weigh in and out
  • All loads must be tarped, covered, tied down, or secured to prevent loss in transit
  • Drivers must notify scale operator of origin of load
  • Refuse from outside Jasper County is prohibited
  • Scavenging shall be prohibited
  • There will be absolutely no pushing or pulling of private vehicles by City equipment
  • Vehicles will unload only in designated areas


  • Landfill operators will have final decision on what items can be disposed of in the landfill
  • Dumping of hot or burning loads is prohibited
  • No sealed or unlabeled barrels will be accepted
  • Dumping of prohibited materials in fill or other non-designated areas will not be tolerated
  • Free liquids or waste containing free liquids shall be prohibited
  • Dead animals must be delivered before noon and landfill personnel notified in advance