Men's Softball League

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The Men’s League season will consist of 8 games plus a league tournament. Games are played on Friday’s beginning on July 8 and the league tournament will take place on September 2. 

Cost for the league is $160 per team. The registration deadline is June 24. Only teams who have registered and paid by the deadline will be allowed to play.

Download a PDF of the registration form or complete the online registration form to sign up.

General Rules

  1. Teams must have eight players present to play. If eight people are not present to play, the team must forfeit the game. Players can only be listed on one team roster.  Any team not using players from their roster will forfeit the game.
  2. The second team listed on the schedule is the home team.  
  3. Players must be 18 years old to participate. 
  4. No alcohol is allowed on the field at any times (this includes the coach’s box). 
  5. Tobacco usage is prohibited in all park areas and facilities. 
  6. No steal cleats are allowed. 
  7. Must use ASA approved bats with a barrel diameter up to 2 ¼”, weigh between 26 to 30 ounces, be up to 36” in length, bat material must be aluminum, composite, wood or a combination and free from any cracks, defects or other damage. Teams found to be using non-approved bats will cause team to forfeit game in progress. Umpire and opposing player will check bats before first pitch.
  8. Each team will provide and hit their own ball. The ball must meet current A.S.A. requirements, which is a yellow optic .52 core for men.
  9. A 15 run rule will be in effect after the 3rd inning, and after the 5th inning, a ten run rule will be in effect. 
  10. All games are limited to 1 hour. Teams must complete current inning once the time limit is reached. If a game is tied after the time limit, the international rule will apply. The last batter out from the previous inning will be put on 2nd base with one out. The proper batter will come to bat.
  11. Rainouts will be played the following Wednesdays. If a storm comes up during a game, the game will be postponed until the storm is over (30 minutes after the last lightning strike or thunder clap) if field is still playable or the following Tuesday. If possible, games should be played as scheduled (if storms come to an end). Rain date for tournaments will be determined when occurs. 
  12. City staff will email and send group text to all team captains by 3:30pm regarding any game cancellations.  It will also be posted to the department’s Facebook page. Determination for cancellations will be made by City staff only.  
  13. Each team will umpire their own games. Teams will provide a home plate umpire when their team is at bat. The umpire can be anyone on the team. The Park Staff will honor any rulings on the field from the umpires. If umpires feel it is necessary, they may ask individuals to leave the game and premises due to inappropriate behavior. This is a recreational league and city staff wants to ensure it is fun for all players. Any protest of games decisions should be made to the park and recreation staff no more than 24 hours after a game.
  14. Only players listed on teams’ roster can play in league tournaments. 
  15. League teams are responsible for making sure the area is clean and all trash picked up.

Rules During Play

  1. The carpet and the plate both count as a strike. 
  2. There is a limited arc rule in place. All pitches must be between 6’ and 12’ high. 
  3. There is a five home run rule per team per game. All others are considered out. 
  4. No Walk Rule-When bases are loaded, batter must hit or strike out. 
  5. When there is a play at home, runners must slide and catcher may not block the plate. This rule is to avoid injury and the umpire should use discretion when calling a runner out. 
  6. All batters will start with one ball and one strike count with one courtesy foul. 
  7. A fly rule is in effect when there is less than two outs and runners are on first and second, or first, second, and third. 
  8. If any other questions arise, Amateur Softball Association rules will be applied. 

League Awards

1st place winners of each of the league’s tournament will get bragging rights. Teams will get their photo taken with the league’s trophy.