Hotel-Motel Tourism Grant Program

The Newton Hotel-Motel Tourism Grant Program is a way for the City of Newton to fund numerous community projects, special events and initiatives through local hotel-motel tax, while also keeping the process and application the same for each request.

The program provides support for projects but gives City Council information prior to presentations/requests made at City Council meetings. The application process ensures that projects and events have some tourism related component, accountability, and leverage from other funding sources.

APPLICATION DEADLINES: April 1 and October 1 of each calendar year. Applications must be submitted and approved by City Council before the event or initiative has occurred. 


The Newton Tourism Grant Program is intended to encourage the development, continuation and promotion of projects, events and other initiatives that attract visitors from outside of Newton, especially those who are likely to spend the night in local hotels or motels. Preference will be given to one-time projects that encourage overnight stays, that demonstrate an economic impact in the community and/or that promote community enhancement and an improved quality of life. 


The Newton Hotel-Motel Tourism Grant Program is open to organizations in Newton that host events, develop projects, maintain sites or conduct educational efforts that highlight the community and its assets, and ultimately attract out-of-town visitors. Individuals may not apply. Funds may not be used for business ventures, debt retirement or operating expenses. The event or initiative must be taking place within city limits. Grants are not intended as an annual revenue stream for any group. 

Grant Amounts & Application Process

Grant amounts may range from $500 to $2,500, and should represent no more than 25% of the total project budget. 

All applicants must meet with Community Development Department Staff prior to submitting an application to ensure their applications meets eligibility requirements.

Applications reviewed. Applications will be reviewed by City Staff and then placed on a City Council agenda for action within 30 days of the application deadline. The applicant must have a representative available to answer questions from elected officials at the City Council meeting during which their application will be reviewed.

Accessing Funds Awarded 

To receive funding in advance of an event or project, recipients must show proof of expense commitments (agreements, contracts, etc.) with an explanation of expenditures. To receive funding as reimbursement, recipients must present receipts for expenditures along with an explanation or final budget. Requests are due within 30 days of the event. 

Credit Line

Any project receiving funds must include the following credit line in all press releases, publicity, and printed matter (posters, invitations, banners, etc.): This project was funded in part by a grant from the City of Newton Hotel-Motel Tourism Grant Program.