Parking Enforcement

Community Service Officers enforce parking regulations and animal ordinances throughout the City of Newton. 

The CSOs issue parking citations in the downtown business district and residential areas in all kinds of weather. Parking rounds downtown include monitoring 3-hour parking zones and illegal parking areas as well as parking enforcement in residential districts, including addressing abandoned and inoperable vehicle complaints.

The CSOs also respond to animal-at-large complaints and issue notice of violations and municipal infractions for city ordinance offenses. Other CSO duties include picking up found bikes and other property around town, mailing late notices for unpaid parking violations, assisting with traffic enforcement during special events, and helping with other special projects when needed.

Downtown Parking Regulations

The Newton Police Department enforces a 3-hour parking limitation on marked streets in the downtown area from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday as outlined in the City of Newton Code of Ordinances 70.15.

Violators receive a $15 ticket. A $10 late fee will be added after 30 days.

Parking is now permitted for free in the formerly metered lots.

Downtown Parking Regulations

Winter Parking Regulations

Residential Snow Operations and/or Downtown Snow Operations may be declared during snowstorms.

Residential Snow Operations are declared by the Newton Public Works Superintendent at 2 inches of snow accumulation. Street parking is not allowed on any residential public street or alley until removal operations are complete. Call (641) 791-SNOW to determine whether Residential Snow Operations are in effect.

When Downtown Snow Operations are declared, street parking is prohibited between 12 and 6 a.m. in the Downtown Snow Removal District until removal operations are complete. Said declaration will be made no later than 7 p.m. the night of snow removal operations. Call (641) 792-0411 to determine whether Downtown Snow Operations are in effect.

Violators will receive a $35 ticket. A $10 late fee will be assessed after 30 days.

Paying Parking Tickets

There are four ways to pay parking tickets:

  1. Bring the ticket to the Newton Police Department.
  2. Mail the ticket. We encourage payment by check when paying by mail.
  3. Deposit the ticket with payment in one of the red boxes located on the east, west and south sides of the courthouse or the red box located in the police department entryway. Red boxes payments are collected by CSOs each weekday.
  4. Pay online. Please note: United Public Safety will charge a $3.00 service fee for each ticket. The fee covers payment processing charges incurred by United Public Safety. The City of Newton does not receive any portion of the service charge.

If you have lost your ticket, front office staff can look it up by either the license plate of the vehicle OR your last name if you have received a late letter.