History of the Cemetery

One measure of the pride of any community is the condition of its cemetery. The superior maintenance of Newton Union is a reflection of the pride and respect which Newton has for the heritage which has been left by its former residents. The cemetery provides a record of the development of Newton and a link with the past.

Newton Union Cemetery was established 152 years ago, in an area of native trees and hazel brush. From the original 11 1/2 acres purchased from Jacob and Elizabeth Guthrie, it has grown to contain almost 60 acres.

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Notable Burials

  • FREDERICK L. VERNON [1876-4 April 1964] Founder, The Vernon Co. WILLIAM F. VERNON SR. [1904-13 Feb 1974] President, The Vernon Co.
  • F. A. “DICK” DUNN [1893-4 Sep 1981] Teacher, Co-founder Dun-Lap Manufacturing Company.
  • DANIEL MARK McPHERREN [1949-13 Sep 1985] Newton Police Officer murdered in the line of duty. Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Peck.
  • GEN. JAMES WILSON [1820-24 Jan 1888] Civil War military leader, co-founder of Jasper County Savings Bank. Highest ranking military officer buried in Newton Union.
  • VERNON W. SKIFF [1841-29 Apr 1926] Newton merchant who donated hospital in memory of his wife MARY FRANCES [COFFIN] SKIFF [1842-30 Dec 1918]. Mr. Skiff was associated with son Frank and son-in-law F. P. Ross in Jewel Tea Co. Skiff monument has over 500 letters carved on front and back of the monument. G.A.R.
  • GEORGE W. PARSONS [1841-28 Sep 1922] Invented the Parsons Band Cutter and Self Feeder after his brother Hess lost an arm threshing.
  • NANCY MINERVA [DIXON] CAMPBELL MEREDITH [1844-18 Feb 1922] Widow of Iowa Lt. Gov. F. T. Campbell, early Newton newspaper publisher and member of the Iowa Railroad Commission. Lt. Gov. Campbell is buried at Lima, Ohio. The Campbell home is inside the Newton Feed Store.
  • DENA [BERGMAN] MAYTAG [1859-18 Jan 1934] Church leader, philanthropist, wife of F. L. Maytag.
  • DR. MARION R. HAMMER [1853-11 July 1940] Author, physician. Many fascinating stories are told about his preparations for his own funeral. He is buried in a massive glass casket.
  • FRANCISCO ALBIACH [Died 1 Aug 1912] Spanish opera tenor appearing on the Chautauqua circuit. He died unexpectedly in Newton and his body was placed in a vault at Sacred Heart Cemetery. The Broderick family later had him buried on their lot in Newton Union. The bronze ornament on his gravestone was brought from Europe by C. E. Broderick who became acquainted with Albiach’s widow and son whom he met in Europe.
  • FREDERICK L. MAYTAG [1857-26 Mar 1937] Founder, The Maytag Co. His private mausoleum is one of three in Newton Union.
  • WILLIAM C. BERGMAN [1855-21 Aug 926] Partner of F. L. Maytag and George Parsons in Self Feeder Works. Eight of his ten brothers and sisters are buried in Newton Union.
  • ELMER HENRY MAYTAG [1883-20 July 1940] Maytag Co. president whose leadership brought the company worldwide recognition. He also founded the Maytag Dairy Farms.
  • WILLIAM ROBINSON SKIFF [1809-26 May 1881] Early Newton dry goods merchant. He was the father of Vernon W. Skiff and Lizzie [Skiff] Emerson.