Envision Newton 2042

Envision Newton 2042The Envision Newton 2042 Comprehensive Plan is created to help guide the future of the community by establishing a shared vision and assisting in managing growth and development. Newton's reputation for excellent K-12 education, access to services, higher education, commerce, and its proximity to the Des Moines metro area are key factors that will influence its future growth. 

The plan aims to attract people and businesses to Newton by showcasing its unique small-town atmosphere and development opportunities. It sets out to create an improved community for future generations, emphasizing the importance of living, working, playing, and learning in Newton. 

This comprehensive plan reflects the City's long-standing planning priorities while addressing changing conditions, trends, and new issues, all while embracing a shared vision for Newton's future.

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Building and articulating a strong vision and objective statements was a priority of this planning process. Newton’s vision was designed to be aspirational, compelling, and descriptive of the desires of the Newton community. The vision for Newton’s future is the result of a thorough review of community input gathered throughout the project, and a number of meetings along the way. In addition to being welcoming and dynamic, Newton provides a place unlike any other that people are drawn to, a compelling destination.

Strategic Objectives

Establish Newton as a compelling destination by integrating attractions, business types, and services that provide engaging experiences for both residents and visitors.

  • The goal is to make Newton an exciting place to visit by bringing together interesting things to see and do. This includes attractions like parks, museums, and events that people can enjoy. It also means having different kinds of businesses, such as restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, so that there are plenty of options for everyone. The focus is on creating experiences that are enjoyable for both the people who live here and the people who come to visit. The aim is to make Newton a place that people want to explore and have a good time in.

Focus economic development efforts on population and business growth by simultaneously supporting existing employers while attracting new employers and supporting citizens working remotely.

  • The goal is to help Newton grow in terms of both people and businesses. This means supporting the companies that are already here and helping them thrive, while also attracting new businesses to the area. Additionally, there is a focus on supporting people who work remotely, meaning they can do their jobs from anywhere, so that they can choose to live in Newton and contribute to the local economy. The aim is to create more opportunities for both the community and individuals to succeed and grow.

Elevate Newton’s curb appeal, with a focus on primary corridors, through improvements to both public and private spaces.

  • The goal is to make Newton's streets and public areas look nicer and more attractive, especially along the main roads. This includes making improvements to both the sites owned by the city and the areas held by private businesses or residents. The aim is to enhance the overall appearance of Newton by making these spaces more visually appealing and inviting. This could involve things like planting flowers, fixing sidewalks, adding decorative elements, and ensuring that buildings and storefronts look well-maintained. The focus is on creating a positive impression and making Newton a more beautiful place for everyone to enjoy.

Maintain Newton’s existing infrastructure system while also enhancing or expanding the system to support a high quality of life and community growth.

  • The goal is to take care of Newton's current infrastructure, which includes roads, bridges, water systems, and buildings. This means ensuring these structures and systems are in good condition and properly maintained. Additionally, the aim is to improve and expand the infrastructure as needed to support the community's growing needs and ensure people have a good quality of life. This could involve building new roads, upgrading water treatment facilities, or expanding public transportation options. The focus is on keeping everything running smoothly and making necessary improvements to ensure that Newton remains a great place to live and grow.