Fire Marshal

The Newton Fire Department provides Fire Marshal services for the City of Newton. They direct and oversees all code enforcement and fire prevention programs; direct and completes all fire investigations to include fire cause and arson prosecution efforts, and are responsible for conducting public education programs.

Code Enforcement

Commercial Property Inspections are completed during construction and on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with national codes and standards.

Commercial Business/Property Inspections Program

The Newton Fire Department oversees the Commercial Business/Property Inspection Program using contracted inspections with Iowa Inspections, LLC. The program was updated and finalized and went into effect on January 1, 2021.

Knox Box Program

The City of Newton requires the installation of a Knox Box Key Control System on new construction and major remodeling or change in occupant projects. The Knox Box Program is explained in this Knox Box Guide


Fire Investigation

The Fire Marshal’s office is responsible for the investigation of fires to determine the cause and origin.

Fire Prevention Programs

The Fire Marshal conducts fire prevention classes throughout the year. These include fire extinguisher classes, classes on fire safety and the SAFE House Program.

Public Education & Fire Prevention Programs

In October of every year, the Newton Fire Department conducts the SAFE House Program to all 3rd-grade classes in Newton. The department also conducts tours and educational classes to several other elementary grades and pre-school age children.

Below are some activity pages for children related to fire safety...

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