Rental Property Inspection Program


The City of Newton has adopted an ordinance stating that all rental properties within the Newton city limits are required to obtain a rental permit. The Fire Department helps facilitate this program under the direction of the Fire Marshal.

Why Have This Program?

This code enforcement helps educate about fire safety, look for potential hazards, and most importantly helps prevent property fires.

Where can I view the City of Newton's Minimum Rental Housing Code?

Click here to view the "Newton, Iowa, Code of Ordinances; Title 3, Environmental and Health; Chapter 151 - Minimum Rental House - Code".

Most Common Questions for Owners

What do I do if I want to rent my property?

If you are a property owner and are thinking of renting, please call our office at (641) 792-3347 or visit the Rental Permits page to find out more about this ordinance. Failing to obtain a rental permit is a violation of ordinance 21.0105.

What can I do to express the importance of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to my tenants?

Click here for a sample of an Extinguisher and Detector Tampering Contract to share with your renters.

What does the Fire Marshal look for when completing an inspection?

Click here for the Rental Inspection Checklist.

Where can I service or recharge fire extinguishers?

Click here for a few options NFD uses for Fire Equipment Service.

Most Common Questions for Renters

 What can I do about a possible mold issue?
Click here for an information sheet on mold developed by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

For more concerns about mold please refer to:

What can I do if I want to submit a concern about a rental property?

Click here to report a rental property concern.