EMS Protocols


The Newton Fire Department takes part in the Jasper County Emergency Medical Services Alliance and has worked with local medical directors and fellow Jasper County EMS Service Directors to adopt Unified Patient Care Protocols.

Mission of the Jasper County Emergency Medical Services Alliance

  • To promote and advance the professional delivery of quality emergency medical care throughout Jasper County.
  • To serve at the "grass roots" level in the channel of communication with local, regional, state and national governmental agencies and associations, and with related professional and business organizations involved in the delivery of emergency medical care.
  • To act as a recognized County Chapter of the Iowa EMS Association and promote that Association's mission and bylaws.
  • To provide for the development and maintenance of a high code of ethical standards among emergency care providers.
  • To promote the development of harmony and a spirit of kinship among all EMS providers in this county.
  • To promote the purposes and objectives of the association.
  • To strive to achieve interoperability among services providing Emergency Medical Services in Jasper County.