Rules & Regulations

It is the desire of the City of Newton to continue to make Union Cemetery and Memorial Park Cemetery a quiet, beautiful place and a symbol of love and faith. To this end and for the mutual protection of the interment rights of others, the following rules and regulations have been adopted by the City Council of the City of Newton, Iowa, as the rules and regulations of Union Cemetery and Memorial Park Cemetery.

All lot, niche or crypt owners of interment rights; visitors within the Cemetery; and all lots, niches, or crypts sold shall be subject to these rules and regulations, amendments, or alterations. Reference to these rules and regulations in the certificate of interment rights to a lot shall have the same force and effect as if set forth in full therein.

It is the duty of the City of Newton to preserve the rights conferred on them under the laws of the State of Iowa for insuring the stability of improvements, the orderly upkeep of the grounds, a respectful manner of interment, and proper observance of the sacredness of the Cemetery.

The City reserves, at its option, to temporarily suspend or modify any rule or regulation; and such temporary suspension or modification shall not be construed as affecting the general application and enforcement of such rules. In the event that questions or disputes arise due to conflicting, unclear, or otherwise ambiguous interpretations of these rules and regulations, the City Administrator, or their designee, shall reserve the right to issue a clarification or determination on any said question or dispute.

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