Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) is a vital entity responsible for reviewing variances, conditional use permits, and zoning appeals. Variances allow property owners to deviate from specific zoning regulations under certain circumstances. Conditional use permits are granted for specific uses within a zoning district, subject to certain conditions. Zoning appeals involve considering challenges or disagreements related to zoning decisions made by local officials.

The ZBA operates as a quasi-judicial board, which means that it has the authority to make final decisions on cases brought before it. Unlike advisory boards, the ZBA does not make recommendations to the City Council but rather determines the outcomes of the cases based on established zoning laws, regulations, and the evidence presented during hearings. As a quasi-judicial board, the Zoning Board of Adjustment follows a structured process to ensure fair and consistent zoning decisions. The board carefully examines the facts and evidence presented by applicants, considers the impact on the surrounding neighborhood, and evaluates whether the proposed request aligns with the zoning regulations and the community's best interests. By making informed decisions, the board plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and consistency of the zoning process.


  • Bev Rossow
    • Term expires 2027 
    • Chair
  • Noreen Otto
    • Term expires 2026
    • Vice Chair
  • Lynette Birkenholz
    • Term expires 2025
  • John Billingsley
    • Term expires 2027
  • Gregg Hanson
    • Term expires 2023

Board members’ terms expire on December 31.

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