Mark Hallam

Mark HallamMark Hallam, a dedicated community advocate, was elected to represent Ward 1 in November 2019. This marked his official election following his initial appointment to the Newton City Council in 2018 as the representative for Ward 1.

Mark is an alumnus of NHS (Newton High School), having graduated in 1979. Throughout his professional career, he has held counseling and administrative positions at esteemed institutions such as Drake University, Capella University, and the University of Minnesota. After his experiences elsewhere, Mark returned to Newton in 2001 and has since provided consulting services to small businesses and non-profit organizations, contributing to their growth and success.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Mark actively engages in various community boards. Currently, he serves on the boards of the Newton Housing Development Corporation, the Newton Community Educational Foundation, and the NHS Alumni Association. Through these commitments, Mark continues to play an instrumental role in advancing community development, supporting educational initiatives, and fostering connections with fellow NHS alumni.