Licenses & Permit  

Overview of Licenses & Permits

Below is a list of licenses and permits handled by the City Clerk's office at City Hall. 

Liquor Licenses, Beer & Wine Permits

  • Find information for liquor licenses and beer & wine permits.

Cigarette Licenses

  • Please contact Newton City Hall at (641) 792-2787 to find out information regarding Cigarette Licenses. Renewal letters will be mailed out around May 1.

Peddler, Solicitor & Transient Merchant Licenses

  • A peddlers, solicitors & transient merchants license is required in the City. You must bring the completed application along with $50.00 and two forms of ID for each individual that will be selling.

Pawnbrokers Permit

  • Complete to apply for a license if you are a secondhand dealer, pawnbroker or salvage sales.

Street Closure > Block Party

  • Complete the application and submit with $25 or $50 fee to Newton City Hall; 101 W 4th St S; Newton, Iowa 50208.

Street Closure > Parade

  • Complete the application and submit with $20 fee to Newton City Hall; 101 W 4th St S; Newton, Iowa 50208.

Additional Licenses & Permits

Other City of Newton departments and divisions require licenses and permits (including building, electrical, pet, etc.). A comprehensive list is available.

Solicitors Licensed by the City of Newton

View a list of vendors licensed to solicit in Newton. If a solicitor who is not on this list attempts to conduct business with you and fails to produce a valid solicitor's permit, please contact the Newton Police Department non-emergency number at (641)792-1547 to file a report.

Street Closures

View a list of street closures in Newton.