Snow Removal Operations

The City of Newton’s Snow Ordinance states that there is no street parking at 2 inches of accumulation. Snow ordinance violation tickets, which are issued by the Newton Police Department, are $35.00. 

Snow Lines

You can find out if the City of Newton Snow Ordinance is in effect by calling 641-791-SNOW (7669) or checking the City of Newton's website.

You can find out information about Downtown Snow Hauling District operations by calling 641-792-0411.

Want to get a text or email when snow operations go into effect?

Sign up for City of Newton Snow Alerts. Sign in, then choose to receive the "City of Newton Snow Ordinance" under the Alert Center by with your cell phone number or email address. When the snow ordinance goes into effect, you will get a text or email.

Note: If you sign up via email, please ensure you verify your email address to begin receiving the notifications.

Snow Removal Practice & Goals

City snow removal crews begin snow plowing operations when accumulation reaches 2 inches. Plowing operations may begin after about an inch of accumulation for snow events during normal working hours. The City’s goal is to maintain city streets to acceptable winter driving conditions. Click here to view the City of Newton Snow Removal Policy (PDF).

Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

Citywide Snow Plowing Operations

On-street parking, except in the Downtown Snow Removal District, is prohibited when snow plowing operations (2" of accumulation) are declared. Ticketing and/or impoundment of vehicles parked on city streets, except in the Downtown Snow Removal District, will begin when Snow Plowing Operations are declared.

Vehicles MUST NOT be parked on the street during Snow Plowing Operations until the street has been plowed full width and snow removal operations by declaration are complete. 

Impoundment will generally be utilized in situations where an illegally parked or abandoned vehicle creates a hazard to vehicle traffic, significantly impedes the ability to safely plow the street, or remains on the street 24 hours after Snow Plowing Operations are complete. 

Downtown Snow Removal District

Parking is prohibited in the Downtown Snow Removal District between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. when the downtown snow removal/hauling operations are declared and the downtown snow removal district line has been activated. Declaration must be made by 7 p.m. the evening of hauling operation. Vehicles parked on city streets in the Downtown Snow Removal District during declared downtown snow removal/hauling operations will be ticketed and impounded. 

Vehicles MUST NOT be parked on the street in the Downtown Snow Removal District until snow removal operations by declaration are complete.

Clean-Up Operations After a Storm

The following tasks, listed in order of importance, are performed after a storm. 

  • Hauling snow from the Downtown Snow Removal District
  • Hauling and pushing snow from the shoulders on rural sections of roads, from parking lots, cul-de-sacs, and dead ends
  • Snow cleanup from bridges and intersections
  • Pushing back drifted areas and making room for additional snow accumulation
  • Replenishing material supplies and maintenance/repair to snow removal equipment
  • Repairing damage to infrastructure signs, potholes, mailboxes and sod repair.

Private Property Snow Removal 

If you own property in Newton, you are required by code to remove snow from the sidewalks abutting your property. If you fail to do so, you may be subject to a nuisance complaint and charges for the snow removal may be levied against your property. 

When removing ice or snow from your property, it is against the City of Newton code to throw, push or place from private property, sidewalks or driveways onto streets or into gutters. Doing so could cause even more hazardous conditions. The only exception to this is for property owners in the downtown business district, who can deposit snow in the street or adjacent to the curb as long as it is done prior to Public Works snow hauling and removal operations.

For more information on the City of Newton Snow Ordinance, please contact Newton Public Works at 641-792-6622.

City of Newton Snow Removal Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish and maintain uniform definitions, procedures, and expectations concerning snow and ice control operations in the City of Newton. This policy adheres to the Snow Removal ordinances found in Title VII Chapter 72 Section 72.14 of the City of Newton Code of Ordinances.

It is the goal of the City of Newton to maintain city streets at a safe level of normal winter driving conditions during and after a winter storm event to assure deliveries of goods, emergency services and to provide access to the motoring public.

Click here to view the City of Newton Snow Removal Policy (PDF).

View maps of the snow routes here:

For more information about downtown snow removals operations, you can also view the Snow Removal and Downtown Snow Hauling Operations (PDF).