The Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) Board is responsible for managing a self-taxing district dedicated to funding and implementing improvements or maintenance within the district.

The SSMID Board operates as a citizen-driven grassroots effort aimed at enhancing and revitalizing downtown Newton. The district's self-taxing mechanism allows for the collection and distribution of funds specifically allocated to support improvements, maintenance, and other initiatives within the district. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, the SSMID Board strives to create a vibrant and thriving downtown area.

The SSMID Board consists of property owners within the district who volunteer their time and expertise to serve on the board. These dedicated individuals bring valuable insights and firsthand knowledge of the downtown area, making informed decisions regarding the allocation of funds and the implementation of improvement projects. The SSMID Board works in close collaboration with the community and various stakeholders to identify and prioritize improvement projects that will benefit downtown Newton. By fostering partnerships with local businesses, residents, and organizations, the board aims to leverage collective resources and expertise to maximize the positive impact of the district's funding. The City of Newton plays a supportive role by providing necessary staff assistance to facilitate the board's operations.


  • Bob O’Brien
    • Term expires 2026
  • Jeff Maki
    • Term expires 2025 
  • Samantha Forbes Winchell
    • Term expires 2026
  • Julia Prendergast
    • Term expires 2024
  • Adam Leber
    • Term expires 2024    

SMMID Board members term expire on June 30.

Find agendas and minutes from board, commission and committee meetings in the Agenda Center.