Melissa Dalton

Melissa DaltonMelissa Dalton, a dedicated member of the community, was elected to serve on the Newton City Council in 2021. She represents Ward 2, and her term officially began in 2022. Melissa has been a resident of Newton for more than 16 years, making her deeply familiar with the needs and aspirations of the local community.

Melissa and her husband, Jason, are proud parents to seven children. They are also business owners who have established two successful enterprises right here in Newton. Through their businesses, Melissa and Jason contribute to the local economy and provide valuable services to the community.

Melissa's dedication to Newton and her passion for making a positive difference are evident through her role as a council representative. With her extensive local experience and firsthand knowledge of the community, she brings a unique perspective to the decision-making process and strives to address the concerns and aspirations of Ward 2 residents.