Local Grants Available

Downtown Improvement Grant (Facade Improvements)

We aim to improve the downtown experience and community aesthetics while preserving the historic character of buildings. To achieve this, we assist property and business owners with building improvements. Eligibility is open to all commercial buildings, storefronts, and Newton Downtown Historic District businesses. Ownership of the building must be demonstrated or written permission from the building owner obtained. All projects must comply with the Downtown Historic District Design Guidelines approved by the Newton City Council.


Downtown Housing Grant

The City of Newton is offering grants to assist and encourage property owners within the Main Street District to create or rehabilitate residential units within downtown buildings. All projects must meet the recommendations specified within the Downtown Historic District Design Guidelines, adopted codes for the City of Newton, and the program instructions.

Downtown Housing Grant Documents

Dangerous & Dilapidated Program

The primary goal of the additional program areas is to spark private participation and investment in the program’s goals of neighborhood revitalization, renewal, and improved curb appeal. Grants available fall into the following categories: private demolition, sale & rehabilitation of city-owned residential structures, private rehabilitation of non-historic homes and private rehabilitation of historic homes. Not all applications are available online; if you have questions or want to learn more, please contact the Community Development Department at 641-792-6622.

Dangerous & Dilapidated Program Documents

Hotel-Motel Tourism Grant Program

The Newton Hotel-Motel Tourism Grant Program is a way for the City of Newton to fund numerous community projects, special events and initiatives through local hotel-motel tax, while also keeping the process and application the same for each request. The program would continue providing support for projects but provide City Council with information prior to presentations/requests made at City Council meetings. The application process ensures that projects and events have some tourism related component, accountability, and leverage from other funding sources.

Hotel-Motel Tax Grant Program Documents

Low-Mod Income Existing Housing Improvement Grant

This program supports low-moderate income households by providing grants for rehabilitation/revitalization projects for owner-occupied dwellings while also improving existing neighborhoods. The applicant must show proof of ownership of the property and proof that the property serves as the owner’s primary residence. The property owner/applicant shall have an income at or lower than 80% of the median income for Jasper County. The applicant shall provide proof of income eligibility by submitting the most recent income tax return.


Low-Mod Income Dead or Dying Tree Removal Assistance Program

Property owners that have an income at or lower than 80% of the median income for Jasper County may apply for a reimbursement grant for the removal of a dead or dying tree at the property in which they reside. The applicant shall provide proof of income eligibility by submitting the most recent income tax return