Rental Housing Inspection Program

The purpose of this program is to provide safe and sanitary housing conditions for the residents of Newton by establishing minimum standards and regular inspections for all rental housing units in Newton. Full details of the program are available in the Rental Housing Inspection Program Administrative Policy.

All rental properties in the City of Newton shall be registered on an annual basis as outlined in the Newton Code of Ordinances: Title XV, Chapter 151. 

Rental Housing Registration Form shall be provided and records maintained by the City of Newton Community Development Department. An annual per-rental-unit fee shall be paid by the owner or owner’s representative at the time of registration. The fee shall be established according to the City-adopted fee schedule, which is currently $15 per unit, annually. Owners may pay for up to three (3) years of registration at one time. 

At the time of registration, the owner or owner’s designated representative shall be required to attest that the rental property meets building regulations identified in the Newton Code of Ordinances, as summarized in the Rental Housing Inspection Checklist. Additionally, by submitting a registration application with the City, the owner is granting consent to an inspection of the rental property by the inspector and/or the City for the purpose of determining compliance with this Rental Housing Inspection Program. The inspection fee shall be established according to the City-adopted fee schedule, which is currently $75 for a single or first unit and $25 for each additional unit within the same building. That fee is to be paid directly to the inspector at the time of inspection. To schedule an inspection, the owner or owner's representative may call Iowa Inspections' direct scheduling line at (515) 587-0065.

An owner or owner’s representative of a property who decides to file an appeal regarding a notice of violation of their rental property or unit(s) shall complete an appeal form provided by the City of Newton. The process begins by submitting an Inspection Appeal Form within 60 days of the initial inspection. The Building and Trades Board will then review at a hearing within 30 days of the appeal and a ruling will be made within 10 days of the hearing.

Tenants are able to submit a Rental Housing Complaint Form. Only current tenants of a rental property or unit(s) may file complaints of violation regarding a rental housing property. If the complaint is regarding an item not covered by the Rental Housing Inspection Program, the tenant shall be informed of such and no further action shall be taken. However, if a complaint is indeed within the purview of this program, a rental inspection notice shall be sent to the owner within seven (7) business days of the complaint.

Rental Inspection Program Documents