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Material Request Form

  1. Library Materials Request

    If you don't see the item you're looking for in the library collection, library staff will be happy to help you place a material request. Material requests are accepted for residents of the city of Newton, Lambs Grove, and those who live in rural Jasper County. If you reside in another town or county's library jurisdiction, please visit your home library to submit your a material request. Once we receive your request, the library will review the requested material and determine if the item can be purchased for the library collection, or borrowed on your behalf from another library. If your request is approved, the item will be placed on hold for you, and the library will contact you when it is ready to be picked up. There is no charge for requesting materials. Materials that are inter-library loaned will incur a $3.00 per item charge, if you do not pick them up.

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  3. Enter the number on the back of your Newton Public Library card. Do not include spaces.

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    Library staff will review your request as quickly as possible.

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