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Construction/Utility Street Closing Application

  1. Please complete this online form to obtain a street closing permit/close a street for a construction and utility project. You will be required to submit payment information.

  2. Preferred Phone Number*
  3. Please verify the project location is inside the city limits of Newton, Iowa before continuing.

  4. Will the street closing involve excavation?*

    If yes, contractor is responsible for notifying Iowa One Call (811).

  5. Contractor is responsible for notifying Jasper County Dispatch and all effected property owners within the closed portion of the street. The City of Newton reserves the right to deny closure of any and all streets. Applicant agrees to defend and hold City of Newton harmless from any and all claims by third parties and all invitees, patrons, employees, agents, assignees to subcontractors of Applicant arising out of any act or failure to act by Applicant or any invitee, patron, employees, agent, assignee or subcontractor of Applicant.

  6. Guidelines
    1. Contractor must provide a traffic control plan.
    2. Contractor must erect and maintain all barricades, warning devices and signs as required by the Iowa Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
    3. Closing a street for a scheduled construction project should be done at times and in such a manner as to minimize any adverse impact upon the public utilizing this street.
    4. The City of Newton will NOT provide barricades or traffic control signage.
    5. The applicant shall exclusively assume the risk of all uses authorized by permit including the establishment of barricades, restoration of streets or property used, policing of said property, injuries, medical insurance and all matters that may arise directly or indirectly with reference to the aforesaid uses and shall hold the City harmless from any claims, causes of action commenced or alleged by reason of any of the activities of the applicant or permit holder as the case may be.
  7. I have read and agree to follow the guidelines for a street closure.*
  8. Fee Information
    Construction & Utility Street Closure Fee
  9. Price
  10. Quantity
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